Advocate Bookshelf: The Best One-Handed Reads

We're putting our bets on these (mostly brand-new) dirty tomes.



Edited by Radclyffe
The author of over three dozen romance books, Radclyffe collects a variety of shorts about that dizzying sensation and awakening thrill of sexual passion. Like Labonte, Radclyffe has pulled together a collection of works by mostly unknown lesbian authors (the main exceptions being award-winning author Lee Lynch, who far outshines many contributors here, and perennial anthology queen Rachel Kramer Bussel, who usually writes fairly naughty things as senior editor at Penthouse Variations and puts together her own fantastic anthologies). But these fresh voices are no less talented, by and large, and the collection is a worthy read. ($15, Cleis Press)

Girls Who Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica
Edited by Delilah Devlin
The author of Seduced By Darkness, Devlin is an excellent choice for editing this collection of short stories of sapphic seduction in the otherworld. Adding girl-on-girl action to the pantheon of the paranormal, the authors in Bite tackle everything from primeval vampires to slave-bound witches to Mexican salt eaters. Among the mostly newer writers are some surprising finds: Victoria Oldham, Anna Meadows, and Paisley Smith. ($15, Cleis Press)

Give It to Me
By Sean Wolfe
The author of a number of collections of gay erotica, including Hard and Fast, Aroused, and Taboo, Wolfe is a master of smart erotica that's both wicked and literate. In this book of shorts, Wolfe introduces a investment banker turned leather slave, a cop who likes power trips, and a few other nontraditional bad boys bent on pleasure. ($15, Kensington Books)

Best Lesbian Erotica 2012
Edited by Kathleen Warnock
After however many years this series has been going, it's hard to believe Warnock was able to find new material. But indeed she and guest judge Sinclair Sexsmith did, and some of the lusty contributions in this edition rival those of the early years. Among the surprises are Sharon Wachsler, Annie Grip, and Kiki Delovely, all filthy-minded women you'll likely hear more of in years to come. ($15, Cleis Press)

Gay Porn Heroes
By J.C. Adams
There's no question that gay porn has influenced the mainstream (from Warhol to XTube), but J.C. Adams (a former Advocate contributor) offers up a compelling tribute to the men (often unsung) who have stoked imaginations for four decades. From Al Parker to Brent Corrigan, Jeff Stryker to Matthew Rush, Lukas Ridgeston to Pierre Fitch, Adams touts 100 stars of adult entertainment that gay men (and some lesbians) love to adore. ($70, Bruno Gmuender)

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