Great New Tome Celebrates Drag Performers Around the Globe

Christopher Logan's d.r.a.g. boasts 160 fascinating photos.



Austin Young, who shot the book's cover, is part of an artist collective called Fallen Fruit, which promotes sustainable local produce as a lifestyle. Peter Palladino shot what Logan calls the "more grand epic shots," like the ode to Attack of the 50-Foot Woman starring Raja, while "Ann Brown, from Kansas City, Mo., was a great connection and not only brought to light some performers outside the known L.A. and New York circuits and also was the one who connected me to Tectum Publishers, having published work in one of their earlier collections. Magnus Hastings is a great find for me, and I love his pinup style of glam photography. He and Courtney Act are a great fit."

Photo of Victoria De Paula by Ann Brown

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