Advocate Bookshelf: Gay Baseball, Perverse Painters, and the Religious Right

Back to school brings a host of offbeat books to the shelves, including the memoir of an influential gay painter, a love story between a gay man and baseball, and the tale of a lesbian teen who wants to go to prom.



Don't Let Me Go by J. H. Trumble (Kensington, $15.00)

In this debut novel, author J.H. Trumble captures the rich details of teenage existence and the highs and lows of teen love. But this is no simple love story. First Nate and Adam come out, then they are brutalized by homophobic bullies. Then comes the real test of their relationship: Adam graduates and takes a job in New York, and Nate's fears and insecurities about their long-distance relationship intensify when he sees Adam's hot new roommate. Blogging about his frustrations only lands Nate in the center of a school controversy, and it draws the attention of another schoolmate. Ultimately, Nate must decide who and what he really wants. It's a classic young-adult book with some modern gay themes. Bonus for teachers and GSA groups: There’s a discussion guide included at the end of the book, which offers questions to spark classroom discussions about what it means to live (and love) in a hostile environment. (


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