Mystery, Drugs, Unstoppable Sex & Rachel Maddow: Nine Audio Books You Should Listen To

As we head into holiday season, many readers are gearing up for road trips. Best way to get through one? Audio books — they can be downloaded on your iPod or MP3 player or bought as CDs from several companies including the powerhouse (which works with Amazon and offers a variety of price plans including one book a month for $14.95) and the fiesty newcomer (which lets you stream as many books as you like for a flat monthly fee of $29.95). Here are just nine of our fave audio books with LGBT content.



Drift by Rachel Maddow ($17.50, Random House Audio)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow brings her usual bracing wit and intelligence to this audiobook (read by the author) that looks at how far we've moved from the original ideals of the the country's founders to become a "nationa weirdly at peace with perpetual war." Maddow looks at every war or military action between Vietnam to Afghanistan and comes up with some startling discoveries, including the bottom line: the trade offs we make to priortize  the "national security state"  overpower all political discourse. The book reads like a non-fiction reminder that Maddow wins every fight she picks; let's hope this is true here. (


Listen to Maddow read from the book below

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