She Hears Dead People, Even Gay Ones

Legendary celebrity medium Concetta Bertoldi, author of the new book Inside the Other Side, is just what we need. We know this because Harold, her dead gay brother, told her so.



What does Bertoldi want LGBT folks to know? “God wants all of us. He doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, bipolar, if it’s a suicide death, if you label your religion, if you don’t — he wants us all. He created everything on this earth, and he wants us to love each other.  It’s these man made rules that piss me off.”  

Bertoldi finds comfort herself in the comfort she’s providing for people who are seeking answers, in letting someone know that their loved one is OK, that passing over was beautiful for them, that God loves them, and it was an amazing homecoming for them. She says that was the first thing Harold told her. “He told me he was loved, God loved him, and because he was gay, he was a ‘chosen child,’ and there were things that he was meant to do while here. He taught us about his lifestyle, about the person he was, and he was letting me know now what it was like on the other side. And also, how it’s the complete opposite of what people here on earth would say about it. People here will say, ‘If you’re gay, God isn’t going to take you.’ Really? I mean, people really think that. It’s so stupid. It’s usually motivated by money or some holier-than-thou belief, and I’m telling you, it’s just not the way on the other side, and people, all people, need to know this.”

And for the skeptics? “Your father is telling me you look exactly like him,” she tells this writer. “He’s telling me September is a significant month.” I do look like my father, and we have back-to-back birthdays in September. Since Bertoldi didn’t know my last name, it seems unlikely she could have Googled this information about my father, now dead for 25 years.   

Bertoldi, it seems, is best at calming the fears that most of us have — gay or straight — about dying, with her messages from those who have passed. 

“They don’t want us to be in pain, they don’t want us to suffer, they want us to be happy,” she says. “They understand all things when they cross over, especially unconditional love. 

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