16 Great Books to Read This Week

From gay surfing detectives to male flight attendants, lesbian werewolves, and confused boys escaping Gypsies, the rapture, or themselves, here are some fun reads.



Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler (Hachette/Little, Brown and Company)

Growing up in a home waiting for that penultimate moment, the Rapture, is all Aaron Hartzler knew as a kid. But jumping into his teen years full of temptation, lies, and questionable friends, Hartzler realized there was too much fun to be had to check out so soon. Rapture Practice tells the hilarious and sincere true stories of the gay author as a boy, ultimately about struggling with what we all struggle with: discovering who we truly are while balancing that with staying true to where we come from.
(HachetteBookGroup.com, $17.99) 

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