Bookshelf: Turning LGBT History Into Literature

Turning our past into novels can be quite intriguing!



Companions Nich'ooni by Jed A. Bryan (BecHavn Publishing and Production Group, $20)

Beginning in the spring of 1968, Companions Nich'ooni takes us through the story of Johnny McKay and Geoffrey Rama, two gay Mormons who were assigned to live with and preach to the Navajo American Indian tribe. In a story full of drama, denial, jealousy, and eventually peace, Bryan's third novel draws on the teachings of both Mormonism and Navajo amid a poignant story of dealing with one's doubts and fears in the homophobic environment of the 1960s. In the confines of the Navajo world, the protagonists help each other come to terms with their sexuality. A telling read for anyone interested in Native American culture. (

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