Nine More Must-Read LGBT Memoirs

Nine new autobiographical stories explore gender and sexuality.



A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall W.A.S.P. by Mark Okun and Hillary Brower (Dog Ear Publishing)

Documenting his struggle to find himself as a child whose nature was at war with the way he was raised, Mark Okun reflects on growing up as a tall, blue-eyed gay man adopted by small, dark-eyed Jewish parents. A Short Jew in the Body of a Tall W.A.S.P., authored by Okun and Hillary Brower, recounts the toll a life of alcohol, drugs, and rock and roll took on this flamboyant hairdresser. Okun's full-circle journey in both his personal and family life is only part of the stoy, though. The rest of the memoir covers the devastation Okun faced when the AIDS epidemic first hit.

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