PHOTOS: Global Male Bonding Through Bodybuilding

Universal Hunks: A Pictorial History of Muscular Men Around the World, 1895-1975 shows rare historic images of bodybuilding as a world-wide phenomenon.



Serge Nubret (1938–2011) was born on the Caribbean island of Guadaloupe, but he and his family moved to France in 1950. By 1958, he was convinced that he could become a world-class bodybuilder, and dedicated himself to building a superb physique. Perhaps the best description of Nubret’s effect was found in an obituary in the Canadian publication MuscleMag, from fellow bodybuilder Ric Drasin: “With the glow of sweat on his dark skin, he looked like a highly polished statue. Every ripple in his muscles reflected light, and you could see them twitch under his skin with every movement, much like a racehorse. He was quite a sight to see, even for a fellow bodybuilder.” An unknown photographer took this photo in the mid-1970s.


Universal Hunks is Chapman’s twelfth book, and the next in his incredibly popular series on bodybuilding and the muscular human form. (Don’t miss American Hunks and Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women.)

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