Memories of JFK From His Gay Best Friend

President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas 50 years ago, leaving behind a mourning nation and his gay best friend, Lem Billings.



Lem examines a damaged ambulance door following the Messerschmitt attack, Sirte, Libya, 1943.
“Jack was anxious to reach Lem and to find out how he was doing. 'Haven't heard a word from you,' Jack wrote. 'What the hell have you been doing? I was pleased to note that things picked up after your arrival,' referring to Montgomery's battle with Rommel at El Alamein. He sent one letter to Lem's mother addressed to the American Field Service PO Box in New York. 'Dear Mrs. Billings. I'm enclosing a letter to Lem, which I wish you would forward, as I haven't any idea where he is. Have you heard from him?' Eventually, the two friends made contact, however, and began exchanging letters just as they had when both were at home.” (Page 95)