Read This Year's Best Lesbian Poetry

According to the Lambda Literary, Ana Božičević's book Rise in the Fall is the best collection of lesbian poetry produced this year. Read an exclusive excerpt from the book below.



Children’s Lit

I saw a lake
make it into your dream. It was weeping all along the bedpost.
I never seen a lake act like that

and I saw a bumblebee fall from his
home in the rafters
the hole in his laughter
done him in. Poor that bee.

I’m writing in some kind of vernacular
that’s not even my own, just to endear myself to you
am I not endearing?

I’m a fat married girl
and a mushroom cloud
a downright doom boutonniere

blooms behind me all over the lake in your dream but
the bees’ bodies keep filtering it out, as well as
the presence of my parents

and my sister’s bride’s parents

isn’t it nice how everyone’s married and fat?
I love big cars. I fucking love to stuff them up my cunt.

I feel so much tenderness for you
as you sleep…



Excerpted from Rise in the Fall by Ana Božičević with permission of the author and publisher. Copyright 2013. Published by Birds LLC.

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