Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore and Sassafras Lowrey Discuss the Queer Margins
October 14 2012 11:54 AM ET

Authors Tackle the Queer Margins

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Sassafras Lowrey, author of Roving Pack, a novel set in an underground world of homeless queer teens, talks to Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, the editor of Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform.

Watch the Story of a Straight Man Who Lived as Gay For a Year
October 11 2012 2:53 PM ET

WATCH: The Coming Out Story That Made a Straight Man Live as Gay for a Year

Lucas Grindley

The author of a new book, who spent a year posing as a gay man, has one of the most impressive stories of how coming out can change the world.

October 11 2012 2:30 PM ET

Book Excerpt: From the Closet to the Altar

View at NPR

Photos of Growing Up Gay
October 09 2012 5:00 AM ET

Photos of Growing Up Gay

Sunnivie Brydum

Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay documents the LGBT experience through heartfelt, campy childhood photos, and hits bookstands today.

WATCH John Waters Read a Sexy Passage From Lady Chatterleys Lover
October 08 2012 3:34 PM ET

WATCH: John Waters Read a Sexy Passage From Lady Chatterley's Lover

Neal Broverman

Filmmaking legend John Waters, who's broken so many taboos himself, recently read aloud from Lady Chatterley's Lover, the work of another gay innovator.

Graphic Novelist Writes Book for Kids After Dying Wish From Gay Brother
October 05 2012 4:00 AM ET

Novelist Writes Kids' Book After Gay Brother's Dying Wish

Diane Anderson-Minshall

When Brad Brown was dying of AIDS, he asked his brother for one little favor.

Gay Baseball Perverse Painters and the Religious Right on The Advocate Bookshelf
September 27 2012 5:00 AM ET

Bookshelf: Gay Baseball, Perverse Painters, and Religious Right

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Back to school brings a host of offbeat books to the shelves, including the memoir of an influential gay painter, a love story between a gay man and baseball, and the tale of a lesbian teen who wants to go to prom.

Anne Rice Teases Facebook Fans on Lestat Return
September 26 2012 10:43 PM ET

Anne Rice Teases Facebook Fans on Lestat Return

Neal Broverman

Beloved author Anne Rice teased fans with two cryptic Facebook messages earlier this week concerning the bisexual hero of many of her books, Lestat de Lioncourt.

Author Conversation With Jennifer Lavoie and Del Darcy Talking Gay Boys in Sports
September 25 2012 9:27 PM ET

Authors on Gay Boys in Sports

Sunnivie Brydum

Two female first-time authors tackle teenage sexuality among gay boys on and off the playing field in Fair Catch and Andy Squared.

Bret Easton Ellis Lobs Another Tweet for Your Outrage
September 23 2012 8:54 PM ET

Bret Easton Ellis Lobs Yet Another Tweet for Your Outrage

Lucas Grindley

A tweet in response to Bret Easton Ellis's latest alarming comment probably sums it up best: "BRET IS BACK!"

Lesbian Authors on Alcoholism Abuse and Acceptance
September 18 2012 4:00 AM ET

Lesbian Authors on Alcoholism, Abuse, and Acceptance

Sunnivie Brydum

Marianne K. Martin, author of The Indelible Heart, and Joan Opyr, author of Shaken and Stirred, reflect on the power of humor in overcoming life's tragedies.