Lesbian Authors on Alcoholism Abuse and Acceptance

Lesbian Authors on Alcoholism, Abuse, and Acceptance

Marianne K. Martin, author of The Indelible Heart, and Joan Opyr, author of Shaken and Stirred, reflect on the power of humor in overcoming life's tragedies. 

Lesbian Author Tackles LGBT Youth Homelessness

Author Lyndsey D'Arcangelo Tackles LGBT Homelessness

Is Lyndsey D'Arcangelo the new Judy Blume?

Stephanie Schroeder Discusses New Memoir

Writer Talks Sex, Lies, and Suicide

Writer Stephanie Schroeder speaks about her debut memoir on mental illness, queer relationships, and three suicide attempts.

Great New Tome Celebrates Drag Performers Around the Globe

A Look at the World's Drag Performers

Christopher Logan's d.r.a.g. boasts 160 fascinating photos.

Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets a Lesson in Love

Mother of Transgender Toddler Gets a Lesson in Love

When the author's fourth daughter insisted as a toddler that she was really a boy, it took years to figure out that he was really right.

Author Sarah Luddington Harassed for Writing A Bisexual Lancelot

Author Harassed for Writing A Bisexual Lancelot

After releasing her Arthurian fantasy series, The Knights of Camelot, author Sarah Luddington has become the victim of a homophobic campaign for interpreting the main protagonist as bisexu

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