Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: The Costumes of Comic-Con

Lovers of pop culture from around the globe descended on the San Diego Convention Center in Southern California over the weekend for the annual geektastic celebration known as Comic-Con International.

Throughout the four-day-event cosplayers could be found throughout the halls, rocking a creative kaleidoscope of costumes — ranging from the hottest heroes and sci-fi favorites, to gender-bending mutants, and one-of-a-kind characters.

On the followng pages, take a look at a few of our favorite costumed fans who celebrated the 2013 event in style.

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The male versions of X-Men’s Rogue and Emma Frost.


Cc2x633 0

This Gotham City girl makes being bad look good.

CC3x633 0

“I’m the best at what I do.”


CC4x633 0

Girl power!

CC5x633 0

The Fury of Firestorm.

CC6x633 0

A Marvelous Trio.


CC7x633 0

Ready for action!


CC9x633 0

The most powerful men in the universe.

CC10x633 0

Iron Chef Man


CC11x633 0

The art of war.


CC12x633 0

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman.

CC13x633 0


“Sloth, love Chunk.”


CC14x633 0

The fabulous side of Steampunk.


CC15x633 0

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed.

CC16x633 0

Gotham Knights


CC17x633 0

Space Ghost


CC18x633 0

Big Barda, of the New Gods.

CC19x633 0

The King of the 7 Seas.


CC20x633 0

The Amazing Amazon


CC21x633 0

This Hawkeye in on target.

CC22x633 0

More than meets the eye!


CC23x633 0

Iron Fist strikes a pose.


CC24x633 0

The Boy of Steel

CC25x633 0

X-Men, First Class.


CC26x633 0

Suiting up, Mass Effect style.


CC27x633 0

The many forms of justice.

CC28x633 0

The sexy side of Street Fighter.


CC29x633 0

Cobra’s Femme Fatale, The Baroness.


CC30x633 0

Gambit and Rogue.

CC31x633 0

Judge Dredd keeps law and order on the convention floor.


CC32x633 0

Avengers Assemble!


CC33x633 0

Loki, looking for trouble.

CC34x633 0

Colossus armors up. 


CC35x633 0

Straight from the streets of Gotham...


CC36x633 0

Heroes vs. Villains  


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