The Year's Top 10 LGBT Moments in Comic Books

Independent comic book creator and writer Brian Andersen counts down the greatest LGBT moments that unfolded in the pages of mainstream comics in 2013.



5. Batwoman #17

The bat family’s only queer member brings the love along with the action when she proposed to her girlfriend in a full-page, beautifully rendered spread at the end of this issue. Although much was made of the creative team behind this visually stunning book leaving the series after DC Comics poo-pooed the impending nuptials, we still applaud the fact that Batwoman is the lone superhero with a solo title holding the gay torch in mainstream comics.

. Young Avengers #8
Teen heroes Hulkling and Wiccan are one of comicdoms most beloved couples. This groundbreaking current series (currently on volume 2) is significant thanks to how the young gay teen’s relationship is a major driving force in the series. Their love is far from a side note, its center stage with plenty of handholding, nuzzling, and a multitude of kisses. Issue 8 alone is a watershed moment for mainstream comics thanks to the jaw-dropping, soap opera where the bisexual, former mutant Prodigy plants a big old French kiss on the shapeshifting Hulkling. *Gasp* What will Wiccan say?!?

3. Saga #17

It’s about freaking time a popular sci-fi series featured some queers. Seriously.Saga showcases plenty of diverse sex throughout the series, including images of gay oral sex.  In this issue, we finally see two green-skinned alien reporter guys having a snuggle-fest in bed. Fan-fudging-tastic! Finally!

2. Hawkeye

Praise the comic book gods for this amazingly heartfelt and witty issue. The young, female Hawkeye (yes, there are two Hawkeye’s, it’s a long story) who’s also a member of the afore mentioned Young Avengers – spends the entire story hell-bent on saving a gay couple's wedding day after their precious orchids were stolen. Hawkeye knows how important the right décor is to some gay men and will stop at nothing to find the culprit and help out the gay couple. The entire issue is a funny, touching love story that’s so sweet and wonderful it actually succeeded in warming our cold, critical, fanboy hearts.

Kevin Keller #10
Archie’s gay buddy, Kevin Keller, breaks another barrier for comics aimed at young readers by getting his first same-sex smooch on panel! And that’s not all, because this issue also humorously and playfully takes on the threat of a faux "One Million Moms" anti-gay group in the process as well as giving us an appearance by out talk-show host Ellen DeGeneresas the entire town rallies to support the gay teen.

Brian Andersen is the writer and creator of the critically-acclaimed independent comic book So Super Duper. The humorous 12-issue series about a gay superhero with empathic powers is now available as a 300 page graphic novel at


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