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So, you’re through to Vegas and we’ll find out next Wednesday how you did there. What can we expect to see in Vegas?

going through the process as everyone else in the show is meant to do.
I can’t really say too much more than that. Like all of the dancers who
go to Vegas, everyone will work their rears off and dance their best…
stay tuned and find out what happens.

Of all the types of dance you might be exposed to on this show, what are you least comfortable with?

will be interesting to see how things play out because I actually had
a car accident back in December of 2004. I had two operations on my
shoulder to basically rebuild it after the car accident. The left arm
is -- it’s a new arm, so, a lot of the muscle memory is not quite where
it used to be, so it takes a lot of work to do pretty much any style. I
had done them all since I was a kid growing up… every single style with
the new arm is going to be pretty new to it. Any one of them could
throw me off.

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