The Innovators: Great Gay Moments in 20th-Century Dance

How LGBT people shaped the world of dance.



Isadora Duncan on the steps of the Parthenon by Edward Steichen x560 | advocate.comVaslav Nijinsky: Beautiful and Tortured

Diaghilev’s most famous star, creation, and lover, he became an avant-garde choreographer in his own right. His body was legendary, with short, powerful legs that performed in amazing leaps, and long slender arms that captured a more feminine grace. His most enduring moment was the scandal created in 1912 as he performed his role in L'après-midi d'un faune (The Afternoon of a Faun), which culminated in self-pleasure. With great talent came great madness. For a close-up look at a mind gone mad read his Diary, written in the last six weeks before he was committed to an asylum.

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