The Twilight Saga: New Moon — Whether it's pale, come-hither Brit Robert Pattinson, foxy frat boy Kellan Lutz, or not-yet-legal but toned-as-hell Taylor Lautner, chances are there’s something beckoning you to theaters this weekend (and for the ladies, don’t forget Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, and Kristen Stewart). Despite calls for a boycott because of author Stephenie Meyer’s affiliation with the Mormon Church, this promises to be one of the biggest movies of the year ... and, odds are gay ticket buyers are going to make up a fair chunk of the audience.

Broken Embraces — In her fourth feature with director Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz once again pulls out all the stops, this time as Lena, a secretary and part-time call girl. With this release, shot in ’50s film noir style, Cruz is already scoring Oscar talk from critics. If that comes true, this would be her second nod for an Almodóvar film and her third in the last four years. That’s a huge step for a girl who just five years ago was branded a flash in the pan by most Hollywood critics.

The Blind Side Come on ... Sandra Bullock as a Republican,
gun-toting, bleached-blond soccer mom who faces off against gang-bangers
and drug dealers to protect her new son, a 300-pound black boy with a
third-grade reading level? It’s her Erin Brockovich, and gay
guys love to quote that. Plus, though the trailer looks a tad
saccharine, Bullock’s getting rave reviews — even (gasp) Oscar buzz.