Kids DVDs for Queer Adults

Everyone knows that H.R. Pufnstuf — well, actually, any of the psychedelically strange kids shows produced in the '70s by Sid and Marty Krofft —was even more fun if you watched as an adult (with or without other indulgences). A look back at a few new DVDs released from Warner Archives shows that's true for a great deal of tot TV. These five series prove that sometimes the best time to watch shows aimed at kids is when you're all grown up.




Superboy: The Complete Second Season
The long-awaited second season of the 1980s-era syndicated hit TV show Superboy — based on the DC Comics classic — finally arrives on a 26-episode, three-disc collection, and there's a lot of spandex tights. After the show's breakout success in its first season, producer Ilya Salkind opted to shake the quo and initiate some changes, including the casting of Superboy himself, making season two even better than the first because, well, Gerard Christopher can really fill out those aforementioned tights. In this season, Superboy goes up against a now folliclely-challenged Lex Luthor (who makes Lana his bride and poor Superboy has to pretend to care about her, not him, when we all know that he and Luthor are meant to be together), as well as other villains — Metallo, Bizarro, Mr. Mxyzptlk and Yellow Peri. Young viewers will get a kick out of some of the guest stars including Gilbert Gottfried, George Lazenby (Bond!), Britt Ekland, and Keye Luke.