Toto just kidding about sex change, says band

Toto has had to backpedal after making a joke about drummer David Paich's absence this summer. The band posted a message on its Web site saying Paich would miss the summer tour because he would be undergoing a sex-change operation. Guitarist Steve Lukather had said Paich had dreamed of being a woman and they would be introducing "Davida" this fall.

It's all just a joke. The band says the part about Paich being off the tour is true, but not because of an operation. Paich will be staying home because of the serious illness of a family member. Band members say they didn't expect so many people to believe the sex-change story, especially media outlets. Lukather says he's sorry the joke got out of control, adding that "one look at Dave, and you would see it's an impossible story."