George Michael speaks on BBC News



George Michael
went on BCC News 24 on July 27 to set the record straight
about his alleged sexual encounter in London's Hampstead
Heath park and the media blitz that followed. As to
the gay and lesbian community's outrage at his saying
that "cruising" is a part of our culture, Michael
responded, "I am only talking about my life. I'm not
here to justify cruising. I think that is a very homophobic
standpoint to take. It's private. That's the point."
He went on to say that photographers are stalkers and
that "I should not have to worry about who's watching
me at 2:30 in the morning." Ultimately, Michael
essentially reiterated his argument for cruising, saying, "A
very large part of the male population, gay or
straight, totally understands the idea of anonymous
and no-strings sex."

Michael, though
clearly outraged, was collected, discussing his
plans to sue the photographers who have been following him
for harassment and libel. He also plans to sue Norman
Kirtland, the man who claims to have had a sexual
encounter with him in the park that evening, saying
that he has never seen nor met him. Most interesting:
Michael said he was investigating suing the secondary
sources who picked up the original story printed in
Rupurt Murdoch–owned tabloid News of the
he then acknowledged that his partner,
Kenny Goss, had called off their wedding until he paid him 1
million pounds to smooth things over. Michael has no plans
to sue News of the World itself, however,
stating, "You find someone who's happy to sue Rupurt
Murdoch in the modern world and I'd be happy to meet
them." (The Advocate)