WATCH: Gay Heavy Metal, Trans Films, Queer Comics, and Butch Voices

More than just an ask for cash, these great new crowdfunded LGBT projects give back something for everyone, from sexy rock star images to free books for trans kids and film fest return that honors an LGBT activist who committed suicide last year.



BUTCH Voices Gets Butches Baking?

At the 2013 National Biennial BUTCH Voices Conference, Oakland offered up a city proclamation from Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember At-Large; butch fashion designer Saint Harridan celebrated the diversity of masculine-of-center and trans bodies and fashion;  butch-owned Café Gabriela catered; women watched the international award-winning film Stud Life by CampbellX; and keynote speakers CherrÍe Moraga and Jay Toole wowed. BUTCH Voices has been building a masculine-of-center community since 2008.

Since the conference is produced solely through the efforts of an all-volunteer board and a minimal budget, BUTCH Voices is asking fans and supporters to chip in to help cover all of 2013's costs so that the conference continues in the future.

Organizers say: "At the core we are about improving the recognition and respect for masculine-of-center people and their families. This year’s conference proved our commitment by enforcing deeper accessibility; providing safer space to address prevailing issues of racism, transphobia and misogyny within butch circles; and fully utilizing social media to promote daily positive representation of butches, studs, machas, and other masculine-of-center folks. We love the cultural work we do but, despite its extraordinary gains- we currently need your financial support."

Watch these two videos, including highlights and Baking With Butches, to get inspired.