The A-List Interview: Rose McGowan

Playing another witch in Conan the Barbarian, the Charmed alum opens up about her gay sister, her education by drag queens, and how she feels about her gay bestie criticizing her outfits on Fashion Police.



Well, Salva is a convicted and registered sex offender, which might account for some social awkwardness.
Yeah, I still don’t really understand the whole story or history there, and I’d rather not, because it’s not really my business. But he’s an incredibly sweet and gentle man, lovely to his crew, and a very hard worker.

You’ve been attached to a number of other projects with strong gay appeal, but they haven’t come to fruition. What’s going on with Black Oasis, a biopic about 1950s B-movie actress Susan Cabot by gay filmmaker Stephan Elliott of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert fame?
That one kills me, because it’s probably one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. Somebody came on board and wanted to produce it, but they could only do it for x-amount more money and it convoluted the whole process. Hopefully, if that person goes away, it can get back on track. You guys would die for this movie. You know what? You’ve inspired me. I’m going to call Stephan.

You were also attached to star in Robert Rodriguez’s Barbarella remake.
Barbarella was also heartbreaking, because we had $85 million to shoot in Germany. Robert, unfortunately, did not want to shoot in Germany, so that’s why that fell apart, and it sucked.

You’ve also been rumored as a frontrunner to play Ginger in a Gilligan’s Island movie.
I’ve never heard anything about that, and I don’t know how that rumor started. But if they did make a Gilligan’s Island movie, they would probably cast, like, Jessica Biel.

Are you still attached to Red Sonja?
No. I had a severe injury in my right arm and had to have surgery three times on my elbow — part of my elbow bone has been taken out — so if I get hurt again on that arm, there’s nothing more they can do for me. I’ve decided not to get into any sword battles, because it could mean permanent paralysis, which is ultimately not worth it. It makes me very upset.

What’s the status of your involvement with Women in Chains!, the TV prison series created by boyfriends Josh Miller and Mark Fortin?
There was the possibility of doing it at Showtime for a little bit, but The L Word was going on, and then they were thinking of doing another prison show — people don’t realize all the factors and power struggles behind the scenes. I’m actually about to spend the weekend with Josh and Mark. You know, I was with Josh in L.A. when Gregg Araki’s best friend saw me and decided that I would be perfect for The Doom Generation. He knew Josh and called him repeatedly to get a hold of me to go in and meet with them in the Valley. I didn’t know if I wanted to be an actor, and I was like, “Ugh, I don’t want to drive to the Valley.” After a week, Josh said, “Get off your ass and go meet Gregg Araki!” So aside from being one of the closest people in my life, Josh is one of the primary reasons I’m talking to you today.

You’re very active on Twitter, which is always getting celebrities into trouble. Do you censor your tweets?
My God, the things I could say if I were anonymous! And the pictures I could post? Oh, if I had free reign, I’d be a publicist’s nightmare. If a magazine says something about me that’s totally b.s., I or my publicist can make them print a retraction, which may publish later on page 42, but it’s already all over the Internet and the damage is done. When you’re a verified Twitter user, your tweets go out to all the press outlets, so I can refute something instantaneously. As a celebrity, it’s the only voice I have. There’s nothing more frustrating than reading something untrue like, “Rose McGowan was drunk and in a dance-off on a bar top with Christina Aguilera,” which the New York Post wrote about me once. I’m sure I would’ve won, but that’s something else entirely.