The Best Overlooked Albums



Girl in a Coma, Exits and All the Rest XLRG | ADVOCATE.COM The Sheryl Bailey 4, For All Those Living (PureMusic)
A smoky, melancholic jazz meditation on healing from one of the best lesbian guitar players around.

Otep, Atavist (Victory)
Lesbian-fronted band offers up a burning gothic funk-metal album with hints of Siouxsie Sioux and Henry Rollins.

Gypsy Fuzz, Searching.Finding.Living.(Boxrilla Music)
Lesbian singer-songwriter Christine Havrilla performs ’70s-inspired powerhouse rock with some dark lyrics, mean guitar, and ethereal introspection.

Blame Sally, Speeding Ticket and a Valentine (Rocket Science Records)
Think Joan Jett meets Lucinda Williams with self-reflective and lyrical masterpieces from this lesbian band.

Sir Ari Gold, Between the Spirit & the Flesh
(Gold18 Records)
A sexy, clubby, intentionally auto-tuned R&B meditation on the balance between literal spirit and flesh.