In Their Own Words: Quotes



BEGINNERS CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER  X390 (FOCUS) | ADVOCATE.COM “I’ve learned so much from these transsexuals and transgender people that it’s amazing. They are amazing people that have been through so much pain. And that makes them just survivors in my point of view and amazing, amazing people.” —Mexican movie star Kate del Castillo on playing a transgender character in the upcoming K-11

“The [Department of Defense] is the largest federal employer to educate their populace about gay rights in one fell swoop. This is what [the National Organization for Marriage] is afraid of. They know that the domino effect [is] that leadership in the Department of Defense are going to see DOMA as a problem.” —Log Cabin Republicans executive director R. Clarke Cooper on the fighting the Defense of Marriage Act

“Drag really is something that we are all doing. We’re spiritual beings having an experience, and everyone on the planet is essentially creating a character. Drag also just reminds us to have fun. It’s important to not take the character we’ve all created too seriously.”RuPaul, creator of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which returns in January


“I do think that it’s kind of unusual to play both the White House and the Michigan Womyn’s Festival in one year. When I’m playing at the White House, I’m feeling like, Wow, here I am, an out lesbian, playing at the president’s house! And then I’m at Michigan, and I’m feeling like, Here’s this place that’s nurtured and given strength to all these lesbians over the years, and I get to perform! It’s like homecoming for me to play there.” —Singer-songwriter Catie Curtis on her mixed audience base

“If anyone I met asked me ‘What do you do?’ and I told them I was a musician, they’d ask if I was a church organist. If I told them I was in a rock band, they would kind of gasp and walk away. Back then it was my presumption that there were no gay guys who liked rock and roll except for me.” —Styx cofounder and rock star Chuck Panozzo, on being gay in the 1970s