Whatta Man-crush!

From Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper to Seth MacFarlane and Paul Rudd, our favorite male celebs share their same-sex crushes exclusively with The Advocate.



John Slattery (left) and Jason Sudeikis x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJason Sudeikis: John Slattery
He bumped mustaches with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm on Saturday Night Live, but who does Jason Sudeikis consider his man-crush? “Is Kim Kardashian a dude? Can we just put a mustache on her?” joked the Horrible Bosses star in a March 2011 interview with The Advocate. “You know who I love every time I see him perform? Denis O’Hare. He’s just fantastic. But just to keep it in the Mad Men universe, I’m going to go with John Slattery. He’s a cool dude, he cracks me up, and his wife kicks ass.”

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