Whatta Man-crush!

From Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper to Seth MacFarlane and Paul Rudd, our favorite male celebs share their same-sex crushes exclusively with The Advocate.



Neil Patrick Harris (left) and John Stamos x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJohn Stamos: Neil Patrick Harris
“Who would I be into if I were gay? You know, I’ve never been asked that before,” said Full House’s John Stamos in a 2009 interview with The Advocate. “And I can’t say ‘me,’ right? Well, I’m attracted to funny people. Let me think... Neil Patrick Harris, maybe. He’s funny. I love Neil. It always breaks my heart when I see someone who has the courage to come out and then it hurts their career, but I think it’s fantastic that Neil’s coming-out didn’t seem to hurt him one bit; in fact, it’s propelled him. He’s become such a force in our business.”

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