Whatta Man-crush!

From Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper to Seth MacFarlane and Paul Rudd, our favorite male celebs share their same-sex crushes exclusively with The Advocate.



Colin Farrell (left) and Justin Theroux x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJustin Theroux: Colin Farrell
Long before he made headlines for being Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend, Justin Theroux discussed his celebrity man-crushes in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “I worked with Colin Farrell [in Miami Vice], and he’s really charming and charismatic,” said the Broken Hearts Club star. Theroux also confessed a crush on old-school French actor Alain Delon. “I think with Alain Delon anyone would try something out. He’s to film what Lou Reed was to music: You can’t get any cooler.”

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