20 Best New Green Tech Products

You love your gadgets, but you may love the environment more. Now you can have it both ways with this fun and functional eco swag.



Keeping the Luxury
The Lexus GS 450h was the first luxury hybrid on the market, and it’s actually faster than the nonhybrid Lexus GS in a 0 to 60 MPH sprint. It reeks of luxury: leather and bamboo interiors, hot and cold seat controls, a large navigation screen that can be split to display mobile apps such as Pandora, and an infotainment system with voice search functions that let you look up destinations on Bing.com and then send routing information directly to the navigation system. Reviews were mixed for the previous version, but critiques of the 2013 model, out later this year, are almost unanimously in agreement with U.S. News’s summation that the Lexus GS hybrid “offers a blend of luxury, power and efficiency that’s difficult to match.” $59,000, Lexus.com