20 Best New Green Tech Products

You love your gadgets, but you may love the environment more. Now you can have it both ways with this fun and functional eco swag.



Apple’s iPad 2 X560 | ADVOCATE.COM

Other Eco Computers
More eco award-winners in the computing category include the HP Pavilion, which boasts a mercury-free screen, and the Sony Vaio W Series notebook, with a plastic chassis made partly of recycled CDs and a carrying case made from old soda bottles. Better yet, Apple’s iPad 2 is eco- and energy-efficient with a 10-hour battery, casing made from recyclable aluminum and glass, and a display that’s made without arsenic, mercury, bromine, and polyvinyl chloride—all toxic chemicals found in other computing products.
$299 and up, HP.com; Sony.com; Apple.com