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Martin Rawlings-Fein • 34
San Francisco
Filmmaker, Choosing to Be Chosen

As a bisexual transgender Jewish man, Martin Rawlings-Fein is a member of three sometimes-marginalized segments of the LGBT community. “People like to box us in and put us in places where we don’t really fit,” he says. “It can be overcome if we talk to each other.”

Rawlings-Fein is filming LGBT people who’ve converted to Judaism for what will become a feature-length documentary, Choosing to Be Chosen, and he’s created several short films showcasing trans people’s diversity. He contributed to the Lambda Award–winning anthology Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community, and on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s LGBT Advisory Committee he headed up groundbreaking research on the impact of bisexual invisibility. An information technology professional and married father of two, he’s now running for San Francisco school board.