Forty Under 40

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Jason Franklin • 32
New York City
Executive Director, Bolder Giving

Jason Franklin’s selfless spirit developed early. As a high school student he decried cuts to Oregon’s education system, in college he volunteered for the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, and later, while getting his Ph.D. at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service, he worked to rebuild arts organizations in 9/11’s wake.

 So it was a pretty seamless transition to his current job as head of Bolder Giving, a New York–based philanthropic organization with a singular mission. “We are the only organization in the country that focuses on how much to give,” Franklin says.

 Through workshops and seminars, Bolder Giving shows philanthropists-in-training how much charity is possible for them and shares inspirational stories of people—from the super wealthy to the middle class—who’ve dug deeper in their pockets for causes important to them, including many LGBT causes.  “Giving back will actually take care of you longer,” Franklin argues, “because if your community is doing better, so will you.”