Another Gay Movie, Take 2

Get ready for spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. -- Todd Stephens style. Writer-director Stephens, who put a queer twist on teen comedies like American Pie with Another Gay Movie in 2006, is back with more magic in Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!



The sets were
decked out (think pink flamingos and tiki bars), the
costumes fabulous (from skimpy briefs to far-out diva), the
props extensive (over 400 in total, including retro
bubble machines and personalized butt plugs) --
and there was even a special effects department,
headed by Joe Castro, which created many surprise effects
and gags, like a sidesplitting one for Scott Thompson
that involves a certain projectile that is bound to
make the highlight reel. Thompson, from Kids in the
Hall, returns in the sequel, this time “wearing every
humiliating costume Todd could dream up.”

The hope for
Another Gay Sequel is that it does
something special, even pioneering, because of its brand of
humor. Queer cinema has moved away from coming-of-age
stories, and maybe it's time for comedy to be a force
for change, or for truly living -- and laughing -- out
loud. “It's fresh and revolutionary in its approach
to being gay and having a laugh with the whole gay
experience,” says RuPaul. “It’s
an important voice.”

If the excellence
on the set and Stephens’s writing and directing
talent are any indication, Another Gay Sequel
may prove itself to be much more than pretty faces,
hot bods, and hilarious gags, though I can’t
imagine a complaint about those anyway. Producer Derek
Curl says there will be upcoming distribution news that
should land the pic in theaters this summer."We really
feel it's shaping up to be the gay movie event for
'08." So stay tuned for all the surprises, from
Nico’s fetish dream to Andy’s scary nightmare,
from Perez Hilton’s amnesiac behavior to who
wins the Gays Gone Wild competition -- and just what
exactly his prize is.

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