Flower Girl

Céline Sciamma made headlines when she came out at Cannes while getting rave reviews for her directorial debut film, Water Lilies. Now the film is ready to take on an American audience.



Writer and
director Celine Sciamma makes it look easy. Her first
directorial effort, Water Lilies -- a delicate
but sharp-edged look at three 15-year-old girls exploring
their sexuality against the backdrop of synchronized
swimming -- debuted at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival
to rave reviews.

Just two days
later, with the world at her feet and boundless new
possibilities, Sciamma came out with casual aplomb to The
Now her film is coming to America,
giving U.S. moviegoers a chance to see her work. Sciamma
always thought of herself as basically a writer, but
apparently that’s going to have to change.

“I really
enjoyed doing the movie,” admits the 27-year-old.
“I felt like I was at home. So I can’t
say I am not a director. But in terms of career and
what is your job, what is your craft? I really enjoy writing
too. The future will tell.”

Water Lilies looks at three very different
girls: Anne, a heavyset girl exceptionally eager to lose her
virginity; Floriane, a sexy girl who loves to flirt
but is a little overwhelmed by the effect her body has
on boys and older men; and our heroine, Marie (a gawky
Pauline Acquart), who is friends with Anne but obsessed with
Floriane as only a teenager on hormones can be. In one
hilariously driven scene, Anne is so besotted with
Floriane that Anne steals her trash and even eats
scraps of food that Floriane has thrown away.

In an unexpected
way, Sciamma is using homosexuality to get viewers to
see the story of first love with fresh eyes.

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