Mister Korine

Advocate film critic Kyle Buchanan sits down with director Harmony Korine to discuss his new movie Mister Lonely about a Michael Jackson impersonator, dropping mushrooms, and why he loves Southern gays so much.



Fashion designer Agnes B. was one of Mister
's producers. How did the two of you
hook up?

I met her at the
Venice Film Festival with Julien [Donkey-Boy].
I guess she really liked the movies I was making, and when
we sat down I just loved her. We started talking about
starting this company together and not just making
movies but making things. I remember when I first
moved to New York and I lived on Prince Street, her store
was a couple blocks away. I would walk by and she
always had the best posters in the window; I would go
in and try to steal them and someone would shoo me
out. I guess I've had a relationship with her since then!

Do you still have much of a relationship with the
fashion world?

No. I'm

You're rejecting it?

It's not that I'm
rejecting it. I have friends and a lot of people
involved in it, so I don't want to belittle it -- it's just
that…well, I was in the Marc Jacobs campaign.

You joined the ranks of Marc Jacobs models like
Posh Spice and Dakota Fanning. You must be very proud.

I know, that was
great! I got the call from Juergen [Teller, the
photographer] asking me if I would do it. I just thought it
would be a goof, that it'd be funny.

You've directed commercials yourself, haven't you?

Three. In some
ways, it confused me a little bit whether or not I should
do them. But sometimes you see ads that are kind of
interesting, and in the end, you gotta eat, you know?
It took me eight years to make this movie, and it's
hard to sustain any kind of living at that pace.

Are there certain companies you'd never make a
commercial for?

Yeah. Like I
would never do something for the Army or the police
department. But I would definitely do a douche commercial!

Well, now you’ve put it out there. Thanks, Harmony.

You know
something? That’s really great about my gay
following. I think maybe I should make a movie about
Southern gays.

Just be prepared to spend a lot on mint juleps.

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