The Other White Meat

As one of the subjects of the documentary about the drag pageant circuit, Pageant, opening in select theaters, and one of the contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race, premiering next month on Logo, Victoria "Porkchop" Parker may not look or act like your typical female impersonator, but make no mistake, she is one of the best.




Pageantpaints very surprising portraits of its main
subjects -- particularly how accepting and involved
their families are -- but of course
there’s some drama and tensions once the
competition gets going. Did anything dramatic occur that
we don’t see on-screen?
They told a pretty truthful story of what
happened. There isn’t any negativity you
missed. But one of the first nights of the competition,
one of the subjects actually passed out and had to be taken
out of the club and revived. She came back and
finished competing that night. They weren’t
able to get that on camera, but that would’ve been
great! They said she was “dehydrated.”

What might people learn from watching the film? The most important thing is it’s another
form of entertainment and the arts. People who go to
pageants, especially female impersonation, appreciate
the art form, work, and preparation it takes to compete on
that level. You gain an appreciation for what they believe
in and whatever they do.

Would former pageant girl Sarah Palin enjoy it? I actually think Palin would enjoy it a great
deal. I know she has conservative values, but a love
for pageants. It would probably open her eyes and [she
would] see we are people just like her.

How else has the film changed your life since it
premiered at Slamdance in 2008?
I feel I’ve accomplished so much more
than I thought I would be able to do and [gained] a
sense of responsibility that my life and career will be
forever remembered on film and that’s something to be
very proud of. I’ve always had to be on my game
and now that they’ve seen me in my movie I have
to be my best.

Speaking of, let’s talk RuPaul’s Drag Race. It was a great experience. It’s the first
show of its type where you’re actually looking
at female impersonators competing like America’s
Next Top Model.
We had to know how to do hair,
makeup, everything. RuPaul is looking for America’s
next drag superstar. She called me “the
world-famous Victoria Parker.” I was happy with
that she called me “world-famous!” It was a
really big gift in my life to be a part. It’s a
great thing. And it shows how far we’ve come
[as female impersonators] -- in the past 22 years this would
never have happened.

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