The Gayest Nongay Movie Ever Made

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor getting hot and heavy? Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa said they wanted to go all the way and then some with their comedy I Love You Phillip Morris.



But do you think that you are tapping into
something that is going on in culture right now?
John: Well, that was our intent. We know those
people are out there who are going to take issue with this.
And that was our intent in going so aggressively whole
hog since the first reveal [when Jim Carrey is having
sex with a man]. It is a funny gag, but it's also,
"Look, get over it. Here it is. This is what this movie
is. We are not going to be shy. If you have these issues, we
don't care about you. This is your chance to get out
of the theater." We hoped to inoculate the audience.
We just want people to get the fuck over it.
[Laughs] Can you print profanity?

I can if you say it.Glenn: We are in this world post–Will &
, but there is never any romance on that
show. Which struck me as odd that they didn't go there
because it was so bawdy and bold and it was kind of insulting.John: I mean, you don't see a lot of
interracial couples in Hollywood movies till recently
either. There is all sorts of stuff. And this is
supposedly progressive, forward-thinking, modern Hollywood.Glenn: And when you see it is forced or
tokenism, or it's about that, Oooh she brought home
a black guy.
And I think we are on the precipice of
getting over that.

Are you afraid that you are too far ahead of your time?Glenn: Never afraid.John: Make your audience. Don't pander to your audience.Glenn: If you’re going to fail, fail boldly.
And it is honestly where we are and there is a long tail
that needs to catch up.

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