Hello, Goodbye

A New Yorker by way of Sweden, writer-director Casper Andreas (Slutty Summer,A Four Letter Word) gets serious with topics like immigration in Between Love and Goodbye.



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Aside from their access to marriage rights,
what’s the difference between American and
European gay guys?
Well, I don’t know how much of an expert
I am, even though I’ve dated my share of both.
But I think people in Europe are much more willing to
commit to relationships. Americans seem a lot more cautious.
Maybe it feels like that because my experience is
specific to New York and L.A., which are like the
capitals of non-commitment! [Laughs]

One thing I loved about the film is how, when the
relationship has totally unraveled, who gets to keep the
apartment becomes a major point of contention.
That’s a very New York perspective.
Oh, definitely! I have neighbors next door who
used to be a couple -- they broke up, but they still
live together in their railroad apartment. Then one
had his boyfriend move in, and now all three share one
apartment. So one of the guys has to walk through the
other’s bedroom to get to his own room.
They’ve been doing it for years now. It’s a
very New York thing.

What’s next for you? I just codirected a film called The Big Gay
, which is a romantic comedy about two gay actors
in an off-Broadway production. It’s the first
time I did a project that I’m not also writing
and producing. It’s on hold right now while the
producers secure more funding.

Was it hard being a hired gun after working on your
own projects for so long?
Oh God, no, it was a huge relief! As a producer,
you’re so conscious about how much everything
is costing. We had a truck crash while we were filming
Big Gay Musical. The truck was totaled, but
the equipment we needed inside was fine, so I didn’t
even care about the accident. Had it been my own film,
I would’ve been pulling my hair out. I’m
definitely looking to be a hired gun again.

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