Dressing Up Milk

Milk costume designer Danny Glicker celebrates his first Oscar nom -- and shares a few of his preliminary sketches -- with Advocate.com.



Milk costumes Brolin x555 (Danny Glicker) | Advocate.com

So you got to actually work with people who worked
with Harvey?
Oh sure. I would do a fitting for the character
of Cleve Jones [played by Emile Hirsch in the film]
and show it to the real Cleve Jones and ask if it
looked right. Cleve was incredibly vocal if something
wasn’t right.

How important was it to you to be 100% authentic? Anytime there was a documented image of an event
that we were portraying, I would re-create it exactly.
It was very important to look at photographs and
newspapers to get everything precisely the same.

Did you watch the documentary The Life and Times of
Harvey Milk
I’ve watched it several times -- even
before I got the job. It’s impossible to get
through it without crying.

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