Dressing Up Milk

Milk costume designer Danny Glicker celebrates his first Oscar nom -- and shares a few of his preliminary sketches -- with Advocate.com.



Milk costumes Hirsch x555 (Danny Glicker) | Advocate.com

I have to ask, with such big Hollywood names
working on this film, were there any diva attitudes on set?
I am sorry to report there were absolutely no
attitudes from anyone on set [laughs].
Everyone, from the biggest star to the littlest, was
there because they wanted to tell this story and knew this
was important. These were the most enthusiastic and
supportive people I have ever worked with. Everyone
was just so gratified to be there because of Gus, and
everyone wanted to tell Harvey’s story. This was a
once-in-a-lifetime gig. No movie will ever be this
great again, for me. I have never been on a film that
I wanted to go on longer. It was an absolute dream and I
will be spoiled for the rest of my life because of it.

This is your first Oscar nomination -- how do you
feel about it?
I’m incredibly excited. I’m
honored to be part of the whole process. I’m
happy to be a part of anything that brings more attention to
the film. I have to say that I am excited and humbled
to be nominated with Albert Wolsky (Revolutionary
), whom I hold in very high esteem and look up

So what are you wearing to the Oscars? I’m getting heavy pressure from my
friends to wear something wacky. Normally I kind of
wear a uniform -- cashmere sweater or Lacoste shirt
-- I’m rather understated in my dress. But it is
a once-in-a-lifetime…

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