Dressing Up Milk

Milk costume designer Danny Glicker celebrates his first Oscar nom -- and shares a few of his preliminary sketches -- with Advocate.com.



Milk costumes Luna x555 (Danny Glicker) | Advocate.com

So, bright pink tuxedo? I can’t say anymore… But I did
learn a lot on this film and I want to embrace
Harvey’s idea of the value of publicity and
I’ll do whatever I can to take advantage of the
cameras… I can’t say anymore.

So, you also were the costume designer for
Transamerica. Do you specifically pick
gay-themed movies to work on, or was that just a coincidence?
I don’t set out to do only gay-themed
films, though I have been very lucky to be a part of
many films dealing with LGBT and the like.
Transamerica was another blessing for me. I
learned so much about myself. I am very, very lucky to work
on projects close to me and important to me. I am so
delighted to be able to check off [Milk] from
my short list of important things I HAVE to do. Any
project needs to connect with me and speak to me. I want to
do things that change and challenge minds and
attitudes. I don’t want to do a formula of a

Thank you so much, and best of luck to you.Thank you. It’s such an honor. 

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