Mary Lynn Rajskub: Little Miss Sunshine

24 star Mary Lynn Rajskub flirts with Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning and fuels even more lesbian fantasies for her fans.



Mary Lynn Rajskub with Amy Adams left and Emily Blunt center X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COM

Have you ever dated a gay man?
My first kiss and the first guy I was in love with was a gay man. It was in junior high, and he was years away from knowing he was gay. I remember seeing him when we were in our 20s, and he would not come out and say it. He just kept saying, "Yeah, there's someone that I'm dating," and saying "this person" instead of "he" or "she." I was like, "Aw, man, let it out!" Another really good friend of mine and I had a sexual experience, and he later turned out to be gay too. But I look back on it so fondly because it was one of his first sexual experiences, so I was like, "Oh, he trusted me!" It was a very special time.

You'll next appear on the big screen as Amy Adams's character's best friend in Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia. How do you make the archetypal romantic comedy "best friend" role memorable?
Great question, but I don't know if I have an answer. I just kind of show up and hope for the best. 24 is so intense and extreme, and even a movie like Sunshine Cleaning is odd, so sometimes I just want to be the friend in a romantic comedy where there's good lighting and I can have my hair brushed.

Janeane Garofalo, whom you replaced as a regular on The Larry Sanders Show, joined the cast of 24 this season as FBI agent Janis Gold, a fellow computer whiz. You're often asked in interviews about a romantic future between Chloe and Jack Bauer, but what are the chances of Chloe and Janis having a hot lesbian affair?
You really took it there, didn't you? [Laughs] I think the chances are pretty good.

How might that go down?
The world is about to end, stress levels are high, and they have to blow off steam somehow. There would be some anger involved, some tech talk, and they'd push each other up against a large hard drive.

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