Mary Lynn Rajskub: Little Miss Sunshine

24 star Mary Lynn Rajskub flirts with Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning and fuels even more lesbian fantasies for her fans.



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You and boyfriend Matthew Rolph have decided to remain unmarried even after the birth of your first son, Valentine, in July 2008. Do you not believe in marriage?
I always thought that I wanted to get married. Every guy that I'd date, I'd be like, "This one I'm marrying." I was brought up thinking you're supposed to get married, and it would always be in my face. But what I've realized is that I don't really care that much. Having said that, now that we have a kid we probably will get married at some point, because I do think that's important. I'm not cynical towards marriage; I think it's wonderful. Oh, my answer is crazy, isn't it? I start by saying I'm not into it, and now I'm like, "I love it!" But you understand. I like the idea of it, and if people want that, they should have it.

Valentine is a beautiful name, even for a boy, but let's be honest: He's probably going to need to butch it up once he gets to high school.
Nobody else would come out and say that in an interview. I love it. [Laughs] Well, it was Matthew's great-great-grandfather's name, and two weeks before he was born we were like, "It's the name of a Roman god, it's strong, it's unique." We really didn't think it was that weird or feminine until we went to his first pediatrician appointment and they were like, "Is she ready?" We were like, "What did we do?" [Laughs] But he's got a lot of different ways he can go with it: Val, Valen, Tiny.

Your boyfriend's very attractive, but dating a personal trainer sounds extremely stressful to me. I'd always be self-conscious about my body and scared to snack in front of him.
Yeah, but the funny thing about him is that he loves to eat sugar — although he'd kill me for saying that, because we generally eat pretty healthily. But all we did while I was pregnant was watch TV and eat ice cream. It was the greatest.

So which contestant are you rooting for on American Idol this season?
That blond girl with the tattoos. I watch more TV now than ever since being pregnant, having the baby, and being more homebound. My boyfriend got me into The Biggest Loser, and we watch Confessions of a Teen Idol. I sometimes start watching Intervention and can't stop. And I have to admit I've watched many, many episodes of What Not to Wear. I am that girl in the hoodie sweatshirt and jeans getting yelled at because she thinks she's dressing up by wearing a T-shirt without writing on it.

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