Ali Larter Wants You

Whether she's wearing whipped cream or alternating personalities, you can't take your eyes off Heroes star Ali Larter. Now, she's joining the ranks of legendary femme fatales, kicking ass opposite Beyoncé in Obsessed .



She's graced the big
screen wearing nothing but strategically placed gobs of whipped
cream, dodged a bogus murder accusation from a seriously gay
pool boy, and now she's beating the crap out of
Beyoncé in what is arguably this spring's guiltiest
pleasure. Ali Larter knows how to make an entrance, and as fans
are going to find out when

opens in theaters this Friday, she knows how to kick some
serious ass.'re totally stalking me! I watched the trailer and then
it took me to and you said you love me
and we're meant to be together.
Ali Larter:

Baby, it's on. Me and Ross foreva… [


Now, you know gay men love a good catflight. How much are we
going to love


It is delicious. I think one of the fun things in this movie is
that you dance that dangerous line of not wanting to fall into
the cliché traps of too much of the nail-biting but
you really want to deliver for your audience. So me and
Beyoncé -- we go mano to mano.

You look like you rough each other up.

We beat each other down.

Were you battered and bruised?

I was battered and bruised, but for me, one of the highlights
will be Beyoncé charging at me. I don't know how many
people get to experience that in this world.

So, forgetting about the script for a minute, if Ali Larter
and Sasha Fierce were to face off, who would win?

Bring it on, B!

Your role in

is very much like some of the great female movie villains --
Fatal Attraction

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

. Were you a fan of the genre before you signed on?

Absolutely. Rebecca De Mornay was so much fun to watch [in
TheHand That Rocks the Cradle

]. That's really what you want in this movie. People know what
they're getting. You see the trailer -- we're not trying to
hide what the movie's about, you know what it's going to be.
But hopefully people just have a ton of fun sitting there,
watching how these characters misinterpret each other. She's so
delusional and so irrational, which makes it so fun to

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