Ali Larter Wants You

Whether she's wearing whipped cream or alternating personalities, you can't take your eyes off Heroes star Ali Larter. Now, she's joining the ranks of legendary femme fatales, kicking ass opposite Beyoncé in Obsessed .




This is a great time for women in TV.

Isn't it wonderful? I'm just excited to see all of these
wonderful actresses working. You want to see Glenn Close. You
want to see Holly Hunter. These are incredible actresses. I
don't think there's that line anymore. I'm going to see
Grey Gardens

this week -- are you kidding me? Jessica Lange and Drew
Barrymore -- so wonderful. So as long as people are out there
and we keep championing these scripts, that's what's
important…not whether it's on TV or in a movie theater -- it's
that we have to get behind these interesting female

Early in your career you appeared on the cover of

as a fictional actress, Allegra Coleman. Where do you think
Allegra is now?


] She's living with Deepak Chopra.

How was that for you? Were you prepared for how big that was
going to blow up and what it would do for your career?

You just never know. For me, I wasn't even acting yet. I was
still modeling and doing commercials and figuring out if I was
going to go to NYU. But it came at a time where, after that
came out, I started in acting classes a little bit… It was
something that I loved to do. People had tried to get me in the
business earlier when I was living in New York, and it wasn't
something that I wanted. What acting is about for me comes from
your life experiences and figuring out what makes people tick
and dissecting the psychology of people. You take your
experience and you have a place to express them. So with
Allegra Coleman and projects like that, I just feel like I've
been so lucky. The culmination of all these experiences have
led me here a decade later.

Including the whipped cream scene in
Varsity Blues

-- you'll never live that down.

No, but I'm sure I'll like it the best when I'm 60. Now I'm
still like, "Ooh, I didn't do nudity, I just wore whipped

So, what are we gonna like most about


The catfight -- are you kidding? You're gonna be yelling at the
screen. It is so much fun to watch -- and that's what's great.
You can't take yourself so seriously. Sometimes, you just have
to step away and have a laugh.

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