Kirby Dick Is Outraged!

He's tackled the MPAA and showgirls, but documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick is about to unleash his most controversial film to date: Outrage , a look at closeted, conservative politicians like Larry Craig and Charlie Crist.




In your investigations, were there any Deep Throat


] You know there were. I can't go into any specifics, but these
are people who have a great deal of power and people are afraid
there will be some repercussion if they talk. Oftentimes people
would say yes and then back out. I was very surprised by how
fearful sources were at times, and I was glad for the people
who did speak. There's reluctance, but there's also
courage on their part.

Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey was very
forthright, very honest. Were you surprised he was willing to

Yes, I was. I thought he would be a little more guarded. He's
had time to really think through these issues. Like Jim Kolbe
of Arizona [who has said he's relieved to be out, even
though he was forced out only after voting for the Defense of
Marriage Act in 1996]. Their experience of finally being free
of the closet was such a release that it did allow them to
probe the kind of pain they had experienced. I think there was
something cathartic about talking about it.

They are both former politicians, but the story of Charlie
Crist is really scary. You said he is a very likely choice for
the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

It's a sad story in my opinion. Charlie Crist is very moderate,
and I think he truly is a very nice person. On the other hand,
there's no doubt in my mind that if he wasn't concerned
about the closet, [he would not have been such a champion
of Florida's Amendment 2, which constitutionally
banned marriage or similar forms of relationship recognition
for same-sex couples]. It was a political calculation on his
part. He did it because he had greater political ambitions and
I think that's the same reason he got married, and in some
ways that's actually more reprehensible than if he actually
believed it -- if he was against gay marriage. It shows the
cost of the closet. It shows how the closet can contort the
political system.

You do discuss the political considerations that cause some
people to decide to remain closeted, but you don't talk
much about internalized homophobia.

For some, there is the issue of self-hatred, but for some, they
actually do accept the fact that they're gay but they're not
going to come out. Some closeted gays consider the gays who are
out to be weaker than they were. I kind of see their
perspective; they're saying, "Look, we're not going to
let our personal lives get in the way of our political
ambitions." And as scary as that is, I suppose, in one
definition, that is being stronger.

Are you gay?

I'm straight.

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