Kirby Dick Is Outraged!

He's tackled the MPAA and showgirls, but documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick is about to unleash his most controversial film to date: Outrage , a look at closeted, conservative politicians like Larry Craig and Charlie Crist.

BY Erika Milvy

April 26 2009 11:00 PM ET


Some might argue that it's somewhat unusual for a
documentary filmmaker to focus on gay subjects when he is

In my opinion the gay rights struggle is the most important
civil rights issue of its time in this country and it affects
all Americans. When any particular group of people is denied
rights, the whole country is harmed by it. I've become more
and more appalled that the right wing has advanced their
platform on the backs of gays and lesbians. I follow politics
very, very closely, and this was an opportunity for me to have
my say and not just have others legislate upon me, so to

Is it easier for a straight person to make this film because
others won't assume you have an ax to grind?

Sometimes, as a filmmaker, not having an investment is more of
a challenge. If I were gay, I could personalize this in a way.
I could talk about coming out of the closet myself and that
could give the film more impact. In some ways being gay is
slightly an advantage.

Do you think this is your most controversial film?

I have to wait and see; I can probably answer that in two

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