Yes, We Cannes

The annual Cannes Film Festival never fails to combine a sampling of the best in cinema with the not-as-great.



Alden Ehrenreich x390 (publicity) |

It was a quiet festival for deals and parties, but some news was made. Fans of Gossip Girl will be intrigued to hear that Ed Westwick is going to play Heathcliff in a new adaptation of Wuthering Heights helmed by Peter Webber, the man behind Girl With a Pearl Earring. U.K. multihyphenate Stephen Fry stars in The Liar, along with Ian McKellen and Nicholas Hoult, the ne'er-do-well from the U.K. series Skins. The film is based on Fry's novel, which draws liberally from his memoirs, which draw liberally from his life but not so literally that they are ever less than scintillating fun. François Ozon's latest, Ricky, got picked up for U.S. distribution. That was in the market, along with Pedro, a look at activist and MTV icon Pedro Zamora.

John Cameron Mitchell announced that his next project is Rabbit Hole, an adaptation of the acclaimed play about a couple overwhelmed with grief over the death of their child. It stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. Gaspar Noe follows in Mitchell's footsteps by promising to deliver a "joyful porn movie" in which unknown actors will have explicit sex on camera. Some of the most entertaining posters on display in the market were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,Hitler Goes Kaput! and Lesbian Vampire Killers, whose tagline is, quite reasonably, "What more could you possibly want?"

Finally, Francis Ford Coppola's black-and-white Italian-ish family drama Tetro had a so-so debut at the Directors' Fortnight. There's not a queer bone in its body. but it will be forever remembered as the film that introduced Alden Ehrenreich, a heretofore unimagined combination of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. Mon dieu, indeed.

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