Brüno 's Over-the-Top Deleted Scene

Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno is intended to raise eyebrows. But the most shocking scene of all was axed in test screenings. Out director Richard Bay saw the film with that scene in place -- and he was not amused.



Following the release of Borat , critics broke down the movie, looking for intent and insight into Cohen's mind, wondering how it worked and exactly what the film achieved.

Day said Cohen's new movie isn't a thickly veiled kick to the face of the LGBT community.

"I don't think Sacha Baron Cohen hates us. I don't think he thinks about us one way or another. How could he? We're not him," he said. "But even with a blank check to make any movie he wanted, he decided to go down a path that all but guaranteed he would sell us out. It's his right, of course. I just wish he had the balls to be more honest about it."


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