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You work with both Margot Kidder, who has a divinely
evil role in this film, and Nicholle Tom, around whom much of the film’s
drama swirls. What was it like acting opposite those two women?

with Margot Kidder was a real joy, and Nicholle Tom is certainly a
wonderful, wonderful lady. Both of those ladies are really wonderful to
work with and they brought a lot to their characters. Margot and
Nicholle are two classy ladies who brought reality to the piece in a
fun way.
Speaking of fun, there’s always a bit of that behind the
scenes on every set. What was one of the funniest moments for you
during the shooting of the film?

Everybody on the set called
director Ron Oliver "Daddy." At one point on the set ... I caught myself
calling Ron "Daddy" and he just sat there coolly and said "See, they
all come around to calling me 'Daddy.'" [Laughs] I was just doing it out
of rote. I would never call a director "Daddy."
You were in two films,
Twilight of the Golds and Gods and Monsters, which dealt with gay
themes in a pretty straightforward and explicit manner. However, Death
Among Friends,
deals with a same-sex relationship between two of the
main characters in a much more matter-of-fact way. Is that a sign
of changing times?

I think that speaks to what here! Networks does --
they speak to today in that we don’t have to make a big deal about
people being gay or not gay. The lesbian characters in this film are
just who they are. [Their relationship] doesn’t have to be highlighted
or bracketed. That’s where we’re going and that’s what here! does so
brilliantly. They portray the LGBT community in an authentic way. And
that’s what I think this film does beautifully.

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